Environmental Rooms...

EV Room

The powder booth and application equipment should be placed in a slightly positively pressurized, temperature and humidity controlled environmental room. This will eliminate many powder concerns by creating a stable and isolated environment. It will also provide an appropriate area for powder storage and handling. The powder application will function optimally at 20-50% humidity and between 70-80°F. The room should have ample space to house the powder booths, application equipment and bulk storage of boxed powder.

IFS proposes using the exterior walls of your building and supplying an end-wall, side-wall and rigid ceiling. IFS uses a pre-fabricated rigid thermal wall system. The white factory applied finish is durable and professional. The panels are pre-painted over a galvanized metal skin on both sides. The panels are finished in a special silicone free Kynar 500. We use a smooth ribbed panel to reduce any powder build up on the walls. The panels are 70 mm thick and carry an R-22 rating. This rigid insulated panel far exceeds the R-12 rating of a typical sheet rock structure. This system provides a continuous wall that is UL and FM approved.

The room includes a self supporting rigid ceiling of the same construction.

If IFS is to erect the room on your level concrete floor, the installation would include overhead lighting, observation windows, conveyor openings, double doors at one end and a single operator door at the other.

IFS will often use "your local" HVAC contractor to supply and install the HVAC system. We do this to insure that you will have local support for years to come. IFS can design, supply and install the system as part of our services or allow your company to participate in this aspect of the project to reduce the capital investment.