Conveyor Systems...

The conveyor system includes all stands, track, chain, drive, inverter, controls, lubricator and support steel required for installation on the customers level floor. Additional steel will be used for lateral stability where required. The track and steel support system will be shop primed and finished with one coat of yellow paint or color of the owner's choice.

The speed control as well as e-stops will be integrated to a PLC mounted in a central control cabinet. The conveyor will utilize "superior" drop forged trolleys with "Full Ball Contoured" wheels located on 2" centers.

Heat Capability ( 500 °F continuous)

The Full ball contoured trolley wheels were designed for continuous temperatures up to 500°F (260°C).

Raceway Design (Split Inner Raceway, Hardened and Contoured)

The full ball contoured wheels are designed with an extremely deep groove, fully contoured inner raceway and can operate continuously under heavy (two directional) radial and thrust loads. The construction offers several advantages.

  1. High raceway shoulders for maximum thrust and load capacity.
  2. Split inner raceways allows for deeper ball path and more balls for maximum load-carrying capability.
  3. The raceway rings have a double lock feature. This provides a positive, dual direction lock, assuring that the split inner rings will not spread.
  4. The raceways are case hardened to Rockwell C-58 for maximum shock and wear capability.

Internal Fit-Up (Greater Clearance)

The full ball contoured wheels have greater internal raceway clearance for misalignment tolerance and to prevent freeze-up due to dirt contamination and /or heat expansion.

Continuous Peak Load Capacity

Full ball contoured trolley wheels have more balls than standard retainer type wheels due to the increased number of balls. They are specifically design for maximum load situations and can handle peak continuous radial and thrust loading from any direction. They are the best choice for shock and impact loading. In designing your system, the I-beam and not the trolley is the limiting factor.