About IFS Newpac®
Beats Stainless Steel and Polypro Washers


13 registered Patents over the last 8 years.

At IFS, we think that innovation makes sense only if it brings real value to our clients. We aim at optimizing the preatreatement process, while simplifying it.

Our Research and development operations are based on our broad range of experience and on our 200+ Customers feedbacks.

And more.

220+ washers in 14 countries since 1987 totaling 4 million hours of activity.

UL : ApprovedTÜV (Germany): ApprovedCETIM (Asia) : Approved

No company in America has more experience than us in the design and manufacturing of Titanium washers, and nobody can match the quality of our washers. Why ?

We have a 12 years of experience with the IFS Newpac washers and 35 years of experience with composites.

IFS Newpac is lower priced as well as more reliable and economical.

IFS Newpac washers are the highest quality washers on the markets, but they are also the lowest priced in America.

You will get value for your money when you buy it, but also when you use it.

IFS Newpac cuts all the costs of a classical washer, were it be energy consumption, maintenance, spare parts, replacement costs.