Mini Cyclone Booth

  • Latest multi-cyclone technology to achieve up to 98% powder utilisation.
  • Colour changes from 15 minutes without individual collector modules.
  • Stainless steel booth panels for durability and good powder release.
  • Directional air diffusers to avoid powder build-up in booth base.
  • Translucent polypropylene roof minimises powder build-up and allows good diffused light penetration.
  • Multi cyclones are close-coupled to the booth without ducting and are virtually self-cleaning.
  • Extraction provided by pulse cartridge collectors with pleated filter cartridges; automatic purge control and differential pressure monitors.
  • Optional ultra quiet swing-wing filters.
  • Final safety filters to control accidental by-pass from main filters.

Composite Powder Booth

  • This new type of patented spray booth solves the well known problems associated with conventional powder spray booths of plain sheet metal construction.
  • It consists of an outer metal structure and incorporates a dielectric sandwich type multi-layer inner lining. This lining prevents the charged powder from adhering electrostatically to the inner walls, but it still retains the required effect of dissipation of the electric charges towards the outside; this dissipation takes place in a gradual and constant manner over the entire booth surface.
  • High powder transfer efficiency.

Manual Powder Booth

  • Modular.
  • For ease of transportation the cabin can be supplied in flat pack form and easily assembled.
  • Integral cartridges cleaned using swing-wing technology from pulsed air. Easy access to filter cartridges (from the front of the booth to enable sitting against a wall).
  • When used with our C85 range of manual units incorporating TOTAL ENERGY CONTROL (Patent Pending), the Manual Powder Booth provides a high quality, compact and low cost powder coating system.  It is also ideal as a sampling or cleaning cabin for hoppers, guns, venturies and other application system components on large powder coating lines.
  • Low cost, high quality system.
  • Compact and self-contained.
  • Translucent polypropylene roof minimises powder build-up and allows good diffused light penetration.
  • Internal plastic baffle prevents blow-back from cartridge cleaning onto work piece.

Small Parts Coater

  • Compact powder coating system designed to coat large quantities of small components.
  • The unique hexagonal shape of the coater, coupled with linear airflow, causes the powder to spiral through the coating chamber following the work piece.
  • The combination of linear airflow, the polypropylene construction of the coater and the control of coating permitted by the unique features of the Eurotec 300 series powder guns incorporating TOTAL ENERGY CONTROL (Patent Pending) enables the most complex product shapes to be fully coated.
  • The coating chamber has an overall length of 2320 mm, including 150 mm vestibules, and width of 885 mm. The normal overall height is 1900 mm but this can be modified to suit individual installations.  Entry/exit silhouettes are 450 mm by 450 mm.
  • The coater is designed to carry two moving automatic powder guns. The stroke and speed of the gun moves can be varied.
  • The small parts coater can be used with cyclone separators for multi-colour applications or strait with a filter unit for simple colours.
  • The gun control units and the gun mover / fluid bed control units may be built into the booth support frame.