Automatic Gun AG300

  • Features TOTAL ENERGY CONTROL (Patent Pending) unique charging system giving automatic control of both current and voltage.
  • Light, compact and incorporates a field replaceable power supply.
  • Comes complete with a circular deflector and a flat nozzle giving excellent penetration.
  • Regulated forward air to the spray nozzle is multifunctional.
  • Gun is usually mounted on a support bar by means of a multi - position locking clamp which gives complete flexibility with regard to distance and angle of gun to work piece.

BS EN 50 050

Reciprocator ER3S

  • Available as standard with 1.5M, 2.0M or 2.5M stroke lengths.
  • Variable stroke length and speed (up to 75cm/sec) easily adjusted via built in control panel.
  • Rugged construction incorporating dust seals.
  • Remote start / stop facility.
  • Large wheels with 90 degree swivel locks and quick release breaks for easy maneuverability.
  • Self-contained. ER3S/P Programmable Electronic Reciprocators also available.

Patented Eurotec Swinger ES3

  • The Eurotec swinger is an electrically driven spray gun manipulator.
  • The ES3 has multiple gun facility, capable of performing the same or various motions.
  • Fixed gun can be angled to access difficult coating areas.
  • Spray guns mounted in swiveling clamps on support bars can reciprocate vertically over a short stroke or alternatively swing through an arc.
  • The stroke and speed of the reciprocating vertical mounting bar is variable.
  • Fabricated from heavy gauge steel the swinger is fitted with heavy duty ground wheels complete with parking brakes for stable operation.
  • The complete flexibility of angle, plane and distance from workplace is combined with variable speed to give the ultimate in coating technology.

Reclaim / Top-Up Unit

  • The AR/TU Automatic Reclaim/Top-up system is a self contained system to automatically operate and control the recovery of a re-usable over sprayed powder from the cyclone collection bins to the main system fluid bed, and to transfer fresh powder from a separate fluid bed, to ensure that the powder in the main fluid bed is kept at a constant level.
  • The recovery and top-up systems can be operated either individually or together.
  • All unit functions within the RTU-300 Control Unit are governed by a small PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).
  • Virgin powder transfer pumps triggered from level sensors fitted in the main fluid bed.
  • Maximum warning sensors provided in the cyclone collection bin and main fluid bed operate audio/visual signal to give warning that overflowing is imminent.
  • Reclaimed powder returned to the main fluid bed via a mini-cyclone (velocity reducer) and a simple pneumatically driven vibratory sieve.
  • Return of reclaimed powder operated on a timed basis utilizing a PLC duty cycle adjustable to suit individual installations.
  • Both reclaimed and fresh powder transferred by simple and efficient high volume venturi powder pumps.

Automatic System Console

  • Latest state-of-the-art technology.
  • Supplies all primary electrical and pneumatic system functions.
  • Designed to meet the latest safety standards and recommendations.
  • Individual modules easily removable for servicing.
  • Robust stand can bee fitted with leveling feet for fixed positioning or with a large conductive castors for mobile operation.
  • System incorporates TOTAL ENERGY CONTROL (Patent Pending), ensuring excellent penetration, smooth powder lay down with no surface disruptions even at high film build. Unrivalled recoatability.